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What Time Are Withdrawals Sent Out?
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When making a withdrawal, it is essential to keep in mind that requests are processed on a rolling basis, with the daily cut-off time occurring at 11:00 am GMT+1. We make withdrawals available ahead of schedule to guarantee that all domestic wire transfers requested by the same-day cut-off time are processed and settled by that evening.

This implies that if you request a withdrawal after 11:00 am GMT+1, it will not be processed until the following business day and you will not receive it the same day. (To give you an example, if you make a payment request on January 2 at 5:00 pm GMT+1, the transaction won't be settled until January 3).

This also means that any withdrawals that are requested must be requested by 11:00 am GMT+1 on Fridays; otherwise, the transaction will be settled the following Monday.

Please be aware that bank holidays can influence the usual schedules for receiving your payouts. The reason behind this is that Dealflow can only transfer funds into your bank account during regular business days. Your bank won't process any deposit instructions on holidays.

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